News Letter #1

Dear Scouters, Youth and Parents; Why is this SCOPE better than any other SCOPE that we have been to or heard of in the past? It’s the 50th Anniversary of the first Pennsylvania/Ontario Exchange. This exchange has been a tradition since 1967 and it started with us Canadians going down to Pennsylvania to be billeted with American scouting families, touring Pennsylvania attending a camp and making long lasting friendships. Our weekend starts off early Thursday morning as we board our coach buses heading for Pennsylvania. The excitement vibrates throughout the coaches! What a great adventure! Loved ones waving goodbye as the coaches pull out of the parking lot and head down the highway. Previous participants excited to see old scouting family members. New participants excited to meet new scouting family members, everyone looking forward to new adventures and new friends. We arrive in Pennsylvania around dinner time meeting up with our host families and head our separate ways until Friday evening. Friday and Sunday will be spent with our host families sightseeing, planned activities by our hosts and on occasion our youth get to experience a school day in Pennsylvania. After dinner on Friday everyone will head off to attend camp. This year our American hosts have an amazing camp planned for us at Musser Scout Reservation (Camp Hart and Eli Farm). There are too many events planned that we simply cannot list them all, so we will give you a small sample here and as events are confirmed we will update them on our webpage and social media sites. This year a couple events that are planned for camp are an archery range and a rifle range. As well our Saturday meal will be catered with our hosts bringing in from Philadelphia some of the best food trucks to satisfy our hungry appetites after a day full of adventures and fun. After dinner there will be the most epic 50th anniversary campfire to enjoy with our new and old friends from Cradle of Liberty Council. Monday morning starts early with a fond farewell to our new families in Pennsylvania with a “see you next year” we board our coach buses and head back to Ontario anxiously awaiting the following May when our new families come visit us for a long weekend of fun and excitement. If you have not sent in your letter of intent, please do so by November 30th, 2017. See you at SCOPE! Yours in scouting, S

Email #1

Hello Friends,
Let me start by apologizing ahead if you have already received our information package for SCOPE 2017 or if you are no longer involved in scouting/section.  The forms have been updated so please make sure you have the new and improved version of the forms.  If you are planning on attending SCOPE please send me your letter of intent on or before November 30th by return email or by snail mail as indicated on the Letter of Intent form.  Also if you are on Facebook please join our group SCOPE Camp 2017 

Thank you in advance for your part in making the 50th anniversary of SCOPE Epic!

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